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Important Update

Dear Friends of The Wilderz,

We have some exciting news to share. We have accepted the opportunity to serve as Co-Executive Directors of the Pocono Wildlife Rehabilitation and Education Center (PWREC) in Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania.

As you may know, that Center has been operating for over 40 years. Annually, it has cared for over 2,500 animals – including mammals, birds, reptiles and amphibians. In fact, it is the only rehabilitation center in Pennsylvania that serves all species.

Serving nine (9) Northeast Pennsylvania counties, the Center is a critical resource. We intend to build on its great success and deliver “state of the art” care along with exceptional education programs.

Both of us are deeply grateful for the support we have received as we worked to establish The Wilderz. Rest assured that all our resident animals will be coming with us to Stroudsburg. And, we hope that you will come too, as supporters, volunteers and well-wishers.

Thank you,
Janine Tancredi
Susan Downing

Our Mission

The Wilderz Wildlife rescue is not just a place for animals in need, it is also a place that supports the relationships between humans and wildlife. Aspiring to educate and guide the public towards a symbiotic relationship with the wildlife that live all around us.
Janine and Susan are both licensed rehabilitators who are passionate about protecting and caring for animals. The Wilderz Wildlife rescue has been a dream of theirs that has come to life through hard work and perseverance. They are committed to being a resource for animals and humans alike by offering their wealth of knowledge and assistance to those in need.

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Who We Are

We are a Pennsylvania Certified & Licensed Wildlife Rehabilitation Center. We’re determined to make a positive change in the world by promoting humane and compassionate treatment of all living species. Our goal is to create a safe place for injured, abandoned, and orphaned animals while providing ethical treatment and love to all involved.

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